Upgrade options:

We won't leave our previous customers out in the cold! If you bought a clip from us and want to upgrade to a RocketSocket-based kit, you can do it for $10 (+ $5.15 shipping). Simply send us your clip and oscillators and a check for $15.15 ($15.98 if you are in California), and we'll have a socket and the correct oscillators shipped to you the day we get your original kit.

Please note that you must send us the clip and oscillators before we can ship you your upgrade.

Competetive upgrades:

Did you make your own kit? Did you buy a kit from our competitors? If so, we've got an upgrade option for you too. To receive a substantial discount on one of our RocketSocket-based kits, simply send us the device and oscillators that you used. We'll send you one of our kits (minus the fan) for a reduced price. The device you send us must be in functioning condition, must include the oscillators that you used, and must be accompanied by payment of the upgrade fee. Here's our upgrade price-list:

Manufacturer: Upgrade to a RocketSocket for:
(include 8.25% CA sales tax if you are in CA)
Output Enablers: $10
Home-made clips: $20
KS Labs: $30
Newer Technologies: $30
DVC: $30
Trinity Works: $30
OWC: $30
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