Software for Clock Chipping

Output Enablers' patch to System 7.5 Update 1.0
  This patch allows people with upclocked 7100/66 and 8100/100 machines to use System 7.5.1. It is not needed on any other machines, and should not be used on other machines or on other versions of the system.
Output Enablers' patch to System 8.5
  This patch is only for use on PowerMac 6100/60 and 6100/66 (and Performa 611x) machines that have been clock chipped to 100MHz and above (and yes, this is very rare). No other machines will require this patch, and it probably should not be used on any other machines.
Byte Mac Benchmarks 2.0
Speedometer 4.02
MacBench courtesy of Ziff-Davis labs

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