Information on Up-clocking the PowerMac G3:

The G3 CPU can be up-clocked by programming a clock generator using a jumper block. The G3/233 and G3/266 can both get to 300 MHz reliably, so there has been a lot of interest in a simple kit to reprogram the G3's jumpers. The jumper block is located on the G3 motherboard in an easily accessible location:

Our kit for speeding up the G3/233 and G3/266:

Speeding up the CPU is as simple as replacing the jumper block with one that programs the clock generator to run at 300 MHz. Our kit for the G3/233 and G3/266 contains this jumper block. Installation is simple: Remove the sticker that says "VOID Warranty if seal is broken", pull off the original jumper block, and replace it with our kit. We have pre-programmed the jumper block to run the G3 at 300 MHz, but the capabilities of a given machine can vary. If you want to purchase a fan for additional cooling (we haven't found this necessary at 300 MHz), we can arrange to sell you the parts to construct a replacement heat-sink/fan for the G3's standard heat-sink.

Price and ordering:

The price for the G3 jumper block is $10. There is a $5.15 shipping charge, and 8.25% sales tax must be added to the price for shipping addresses in California. The easiest way to order a kit is to visit our secure online order form.

The fine print:

Upclocking your computer will void any warranty you may have with other hardware vendors. Not all computers can be upclocked, and the top speeds attainable through upclocking can vary widely for a single model. Although this modification does not require any soldering on your motherboard, you will be responsible for all damage and repairs should something go wrong.

Further information on upclocking the G3/233 and G3/266: