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G3 Jumper Block Installation Instructions

The enclosed shunt has been pre-configured for the 66/300 configuration. It can be reset to any of the other configurations with the extra jumper pins and a pin that can be used as a jumper extraction tool.

To install the shunt, you need to break the Void Warranty seal, remove the original shunt, and install the new shunt with the red edge on the shunt lined up with the 1 on the motherboard facing the front of the machine.

If you choose to reconfigure your shunt, these tables may come in handy.

Jumpers 7,8, and 9 set the bus:

Bus (MHz) J7 J8 J9
60.25   X  
70   X X
75.15 X X  

Jumpers 1,2, 3, and 4 set the processor multiplier (with respect to the bus):

Ratio J1 J2 J3 J4
2 X   X X
2.5 X     X
3   X X X
(233MHz normal)
(266MHz normal)
  X   X
4.5 X      
5   X    
5.5   X X  
6     X  
6.5 X   X  
7 X X   X

Jumper 5 seems to set the PCI multiplier (with respect to the bus)

Ratio J5
0.5 X

And this needs to be set at 30, 33, or 35, so

Bus (MHz) Ratio PCI (MHz)
60.25 0.5 30
66.82 0.5 33
70 0.5 35
75.15 0.4 30
83.3 0.4 33.2?

Jumper 6 is always installed

So some of the important ones are:

Bus (MHz) 3x Ratio 3.5x Ratio 4x Ratio 4.5x Ratio 5x Ratio
60.25         300MHz,
slow bus
66.82   233MHz
70       Crash on boot  
75.15     300MHz    
83.3 Unstable Unstable      

G3 Chiller Installation Instructions

If you also purchased the "G3 Chiller" heat sink / fan assemble-it-yourself kit, here's how to install it.

  1. Shutdown and unplug your computer, open the case
  2. Remove the screw that attaches the heat sink ground wire to the motherboard
  3. Remove the clip that holds the heat sink in place, remove the heat sink, and set it aside
  4. Glue the fan, label-side down onto the fins of the provided heat sink sandwiching the clip in the gap in the heat sink with the clips facing down with epoxy
  5. Once dry, connect the Molex connector on the fan to the Y cable
  6. Smear some of the enclosed silicone heat sink compound on the bottom of the heat sink in the center right over where the processor will be in contact
  7. Now place the heat sink/fan/clip combo ontop of the processor and clip it into place
  8. Unplug the Molex power connector going to the hard drive located in front of the motherboard, and plug it into the Y cable connected to the fan
  9. Plug the other end of the Y cable back into the hard drive
  10. Remove the spring from the bottom of the CD/HD/floppy/power supply chassis directly above the heat sink/fan combo.

That's it; enjoy,

Marc & Dan