Frequently Asked Questions about our products

1) How does it work? Is there any special software included?

This is purely hardware. Most of our kits are based around the RocketSocket, which is a snap-on device that disables the oscillator on the motherboard and replaces the signal with one from a higher speed oscillator. This causes the CPU to run a bit hotter, so we also include a CPU fan on the models where it is necessary to dissipate the excess heat.

2) Does the installation involve any soldering?

For most of our kits, absolutely no soldering is involved. The socket attaches to the oscillator on your motherboard, and the CPU fan attaches to your CPU with double-sided heat-transfer tape (on 68040s and PowerPC PDS cards) or fits nicely inside your heat sink (on PowerPCs). The installation is extremely easy to reverse, and new oscillator frequencies can be easily installed in the socket. We also sell kits for a few computers that do require you to do some amount of soldering on your motherboard. These kits are clearly marked on our product list.

3) Do you have some long term data as to any damages down the road running the systems at higher speed?

You will be running your processor at speeds above its rating, so it is always possible that you may do some long-term damage. However, we have been running up-clocked machines for 4 years, and we've never had any serious or long term damage that was due to up-clocking.

4) Does everything else still work (serial io, scsi, DSP, floppy, memory, video etc.)?

On 68040 machines, the highest speeds we can run with our kits are governed by conflicts with the serial subsystem (and the video on the AV machines). On the PowerMacs, other components on the motherboard govern the highest attainable speed. The faster oscillator we supply is just below these limiting speeds. We also provide a second, slower oscillator in case your machine has problems running at the higher speed. The Centris 610 uses the motherboard oscillator to drive its ethernet subsystem, so up-clocking a Centris 610 will disable the on-board ethernet on that machine.

5) Will I void the warranty by installing your kits?

Absolutely. It is our understanding that up-clocking voids any warranty you may have with your hardware vendor.

6) Why doesn't Apple provide the higher clock rate if it is possible without any damage/consequences?

Good question. Possibly to give computer nerds like us here at OE something to do with our spare time....

Actually, the real reason is that it doesn't always work. If your processor or components are rated at a given frequency, they tested fine at that frequency, but when tested at higher frequencies, there is a small chance that the errors were major enough to cause unreliable performance. Usually, however, the timing tests on electronic components are fairly stringent, so there is a decent amount of play before any errors show up.

7) Do you have a money back guarantee?

We have a 6 month money-back guarantee that our kit will work with your machine at one of the two frequencies we include, and a 15 day unopened envelope return policy if you don't agree with the terms of an agreement that limits our liability. If you have problems running with one of our kits please contact us about trying out slower oscillators or returning your kit.

8) Do I have to cut traces or anything like that? Where and how does it connect to the motherboard?

Nope. Nothing is cut. The socket snaps on to one of the motherboard's oscillator, and can be easily removed. If your kit includes a CPU fan, it goes directly on top of the CPU.

9) Does it do anything but provide a higher speed?

Ummm... Nope. But what else did you want it to do?

10) Actually I was wondering if you provide any buffering or caches.

Nope. Just a faster oscillator. We know that Sonnet Technologies offers a DX-2 -like socket arrangement for 68040 machines, but our solution is a lot cheaper (and it is possible to up-clock Sonnet's accelerators). As for caches, we recommend getting the cheapest available fast (12 ns or lower) L2 cache for PowerMacs. There are large number of companies offering relatively good deals on these caches.

11) Do the RocketSocket or CPU fan prevent me from adding a PDS or NuBus card (such as DOS card)?

Our kits won't interfere with NuBus or PDS slots in any way. The DOS card for the 6100s sometimes limits the top speeds of those machines, so we have a special kit for 6100/DOS machines. Please see our product list for details.

12) Why isn't a CPU fan included in all of your kits?

We've found that serial port and video problems set in at lower speeds than where CPU-heating becomes a problem. On some of the models, CPU heating is an issue, so we provide CPU fans to draw away some of the excess heat. Due to popular demand, we are now selling separate CPU fans for the other models or for people who want to build their own kits. The fans are priced competitively, and do a very good job of cooling both the 68040 and 601 chips. See our product list for more details.

13) Do your kits work with L2 cache cards? Do they work with the AV models of the PowerMacs?

Our kits work fine with the L2 cache cards. We do, however, recommend L2 cache speeds of 12 ns or lower. Don't worry if you already have a 14 ns Apple or third party card, as only a small percentage of these cards will conflict with our up-clocking kits. Our kits are also completely compatible with the AV models of the PowerMacs.

14) Will my accelerated Centris or Quadra also accelerate my PowerPC PDS upgrade card?

The PDS card doubles the speed of the 68040 on the motherboard, so you can up-clock those cards simply by up-clocking the motherboard itself. Most of the PowerPC PDS cards will go to 72-76 MHz with a fan cooling the 601. If you try to up-clock one of these cards in a Centris or Quadra machine, you will need an 18 or 19 MHz oscillator for your socket as well as a "PDS Chiller" to cool off your PPC card. We have special kits for these models that include the right oscillators and CPU fans. Please see our product list for more details.

15) What Mac models do you support?

We have kits for most of Apple's most recent machines (i.e. most machines in the Centris, Quadra, PowerMac, and PowerBook lines). Our product list has a complete list of machines we support. If you don't see your computer there, it either means that it can't be up-clocked, or that up-clocking can be done without one of our kits. One of the partners in Output Enablers maintains a Clock-Chipping Home Page in his spare time which has instructions for those machines that can be up-clocked without our kits. You can get to that page at:

16) How can I get information about clock speeds and ordering information?

Send us e-mail at: We also have a WWW home page at index.html You can order directly from the web by pointing your web browser at our secure on-line order form at

17) Do you offer reseller or bulk discounts?

Not at this time.

18) How do you ship your products?

We ship via Priority Mail. Delivery takes approximately 2-4 days (depending on your location).

19) Do I need to include sales tax and/or shipping costs?

If we are shipping your order to a California address, you need to include 8.25% sales tax. Shipping is $5.15. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

20) I really want my kit tomorrow. Will you to ship via FedEx/DHL/UPS/Airborne?

Sorry, but no. Our prices are this low for a reason. All three of these shippers want outrageous amounts for shipping next-day air, and the time it takes to get packages ready for these shippers is prohibitive. Large orders (10 kits or more) will be shipped via UPS.

21) Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes. We ship via standard Air Mail to destinations outside the U.S. Shipping to foreign addresses is US$ 6, and the purchaser is responsible for all duties or import taxes that the recipient's country may impose. We require payment in US$, but if you pay using Visa or MasterCard, currency conversion is automatic.

You can use our online order form for international credit card orders.

International money orders or Canadian checks must be drawn on a bank that is a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve system, or we will not be able to process your order.

22) I live in the SF Bay area. Can I come by your store and pick up a kit?

Sorry, but the San Carlos address is just where we get our U.S. mail. We've seen very quick delivery for U.S. mail inside the Bay area, so if you can wait a day or two, you won't have to visit our fair city.

23) You didn't answer all of my questions!

Send us e-mail at:, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can (this is usually within about a day).